Leeks in Wine

Sorry, no photos for this one — it went straight from pan to table for dinner.

From Forme of Cury 1390

This recipe was shared by Meadbh ni Clerigh

Slete Soppes

Take white of Lekes and slyt hem, and do hem to seethe in wyne, oile
and salt, rost brede and lay in dysshes and the sewe above and serue
it forth.

Leeks in wine

Take the white parts of the leek and julienne. Simmer in wine (just covering the leeks), oil, and salt to taste. Lay toasted bread in a dish and top with leeks and broth.


Leeks, white parts only (use lighter greens to make a vegetable broth)
A good white or red wine to cover the leeks (your preference for flavor)
1 Tbsp neutral oil
Salt to taste
Soppet (toasted bread of your choice), optional

Julienne or slice the leeks. Julienne is closer to the text, but slicing the leeks in rounds will let them cook quicker and any fibrous parts will be negligible (the most common complaint in our house about leeks).

Put the leeks in a pan and just cover with your wine. Leeks have a mild onion-ish flavor so your wine pairing will be the most important choice of this dish. Simmer until the leeks are tender, and salt to your satisfaction.

If using, put toasted bread in the bottom of your dish, then ladle the leeks and broth over it to serve. This dish also works well without the bread.

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