Ingredients contain no dairy (butter, milk, cheese, etc.)

Roasted chick peas


From Forme of Curye 1390 Chyches Note the placement of the comma–the saffron is whole, not the garlic. This fits in with my thinking that unless otherwise noted, saffron should be ground in medieval recipes, not used whole and steeped as is commonly done today. Roasted chick peas Take chick peas and cover them in …

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Leeks in Wine

Sorry, no photos for this one — it went straight from pan to table for dinner. From Forme of Cury 1390 This recipe was shared by Meadbh ni Clerigh Slete Soppes Take white of Lekes and slyt hem, and do hem to seethe in wyne, oileand salt, rost brede and lay in dysshes and the …

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Leek Soup

From Ancient Cookery [Arundel 334] Sourced from http://books.google.com/books?id=ycw-AAAAcAA Blaunche Porre Take the qwyte of lekes and parboyle hom, and hew hom small, and take onyons and mynse hom therewith, and do hom in a pot, and put thereto gode broth, broth, and let hit boyle, and do therto smale briddes, and scth hom therewyth, and …

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