Chicken & Herbs

To Mak Compost

From A Noble Boke off Cookry, circa 1480.

To mak compost

To mak composte tak chekins and halve them then tak saige parsly lekes and other good erbes and chop them small then tak a pint of hony and som of the erbes and lay in the botom of the pot and som of the chekyn then tak lard of pork smale mynced and lay it on and cast ther to pouder of guingere and canelle and boille it and serue it.

To make compote

Take chickens and halve them. Then take sage, parsley, leeks and other good herbs and chop them small. Then take a pint of honey and some of the herbs and lay in the bottom of the pot and some of the chicken. Then take minced pork lard and lay it on and cast thereto powdered ginger and cinnamon. Boil it and serve it.


8 chicken thighs plus two breasts
14oz (450 g) chopped leek (one very large)
1/2c chopped parsley
4 oz (1/2c) chopped pork fat
0.25 oz (7g) tarragon
1 T chopped thyme
1 t. salt
1 c. honey
ginger and cinnamon to taste (I used about 1/2t. and 1 t. respectively)

I chopped the herbs, mixed them, and laid them on the bottom of a roasting pan. Drizzle with honey. Layer with the chicken. Top with the pork fat, then sprinkle with ginger, cinnamon and salt.

Add water to just barely above the chicken. Cover the pot and place in a preheated (350) oven. Reduce heat to 200 and cook for about 2 hours, until the chicken reaches at 165 (F).

I opted for a poached approach in the oven because of personal time constraints.

The result was very good, the broth served over the chicken delightful, and soaks well with bread.

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