Onion Soppes

Sourced from Harleian MS 4016

Oyle soppes

Take a good quantite of onions, and myce them, not to smale, & seth them in faire water, And take them up; and then take a good quantite of stale ale, as iii galons, And there-to take a pynte of goode oyle that is fraied, and cast the onions there-to, And let al boil together a grete while, and caste there-to Saffron and salt, And then put bread, in maner of brewes, and cast the licour there-on, and serve it fort hote.

Onion Soppes

Take a good quantity of onions and mince them not too small, and simmer them in water. Take them up and then add a good quantity of stale ale, as three gallons And there-to take a pint of good oil that is fried, and cast the onions there-to. And let it all boil together a great while and cast there-to saffron and salt. And then put bread, and a manner of brews, and cast the liquor there-on, and serve it forth hot.


4 c. diced onions
1 bottle ale
olive oil for frying
saffron (to taste)
salt (to taste)

Simmer diced onions in water until parboiled. Drain well. Fry in olive oil until translucent. Add beer, salt and saffron. Simmer until sufficiently reduced. (I went for a slightly watery mixture that would soak into a slice of bread nicely.) Serve over a slice of good bread. I made a wheat bread with a firmer texture for this example.

For a GF option, don’t boil it down so much and serve as a soup. Be mindful of the beer used in this case as the flavor will dominate more than served as a soppe.

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